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Ancient Infusions

Sensual Bliss: Wet Kisses Infused Hand-Dipped Incense Cones for a Passionate Atmosphere

Sensual Bliss: Wet Kisses Infused Hand-Dipped Incense Cones for a Passionate Atmosphere

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Embark on a sensory journey with Ancient Infusions' 2" Wet Kisses-scented Hand Dipped Incense Cones – a delightful fusion of romance and fragrance.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Wet Kisses:

  • Romantic Fragrance: Indulge in the sweet and romantic aroma of Wet Kisses, capturing the essence of affection and creating an ambiance of love in your living space.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Our incense cones are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that each cone is infused with the captivating scent of Wet Kisses, providing a premium and enchanting fragrance.
  • Extended Burn Time: Experience an extended olfactory adventure as each incense cone burns longer than traditional incense sticks, allowing you to bask in the romantic fragrance for hours.
  • Pack of 30: Your order includes a generous pack of 30 incense cones, ensuring you have an ample supply to infuse your living space with the delightful aroma of Wet Kisses.

Why choose Ancient Infusions for your incense needs?

  • Crafted Freshly for You: Each order is freshly made, guaranteeing the pure and romantic scent of Wet Kisses to envelop your home in an atmosphere of love.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Our Wet Kisses-scented incense cones are designed to linger for hours, providing a continuous and enchanting fragrance experience.
  • Quick Turnaround: Your order will be prepared and dried within 1-3 days, ensuring prompt delivery of your romantic incense cones.

Transform your living space into a haven of romance and love – choose Ancient Infusions' Wet Kisses Hand Dipped Incense Cones for an unparalleled olfactory journey that elevates your home with the essence of affection.

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