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Ancient Infusions

Emu Natural Carrier Oil

Emu Natural Carrier Oil

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Emu oil is derived from the fat of the Emu (Kalaya) bird, which is native to Australia. The Emu (Kalaya) bird is a relative to the Ostrich and is the second-largest living bird by height! After it is processed for its red meat, the fat that remains is processed to obtain Emu Oil. Emu Oil benefits are widely revered among personal and industrial product manufacturers

Ancient Infusions Apothecary's Natural Carrier oils are 100% Pure and Uncut to Retain all of its Potency for You.

Responsibly sourced. Ancient Infusions Apothecary responsibly sources from large corporations for top quality natural carrier oils free from any cuts or fillers 

This product is not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure anything, always seek medical advice from a protectional doctor.

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