Hematite Crystal Benefits: Grounding, Protection, Strength, Emotional Stability.

What Is Hematite? Meaning, Properties And Uses Of This Silver Gemstone

Everything You Need to Know About Hematite – A Grounding Stone

Everyone needs a protective stone in their collection. Hematite is made from iron oxide and has a distinctive luster with a range of colors. This grounding stone has a rich history of being used in antiquity and helps you connect with your root chakra. Incorporating hematite into your daily routine can help to bring balance to your life and leave you feeling calmer and more centered.

At Ancient Infusions, Hematite is one of the most popular protective stones that is known for its powerful vibrations and strength. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to start meditation to help ground themselves through stressful situations.

You can add this stone to your home with our Hematite Orgone Pyramid or take it with you every day with our Hematite Elastic Crystal Bracelet. Read on to find out everything you need to know about hematite, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

What is Hematite?

Hematite’s name has Greek origin with the word ‘haima’ meaning ‘blood’, which reflects its deep mythological association to blood, protection, and magic. It also reflects the blood-red pigment that is common throughout most hematite stones.

Throughout antiquity, hematite was used on tombs and mirrors, as well as being incorporated into war paint. During Ancient Greek, the hematite stone was connected to the deity Mars, the god of war. As a sign of respect to Mars, soldiers would use crushed hematite for war paint to give them strength and to make them less vulnerable.

Hematite is a protective stone that is strongly linked to the root chakra, helping to anchor and ground you during difficult and stressful periods. As a grounding stone, Hematite also has healing properties. It’s an ideal stone for those who are going through difficult times, whether it’s nervousness or anxiety. As a stabilizing stone, hematite is one that you’ll want to carry with you wherever you go. 

The hematite crystal can be found across the world, from England to Canada and Brazil. This crystal is the birthstone of those born under Aquarius and is considered an ideal stone for Aries as the stone matches their fierce personality.

The benefits of Hematite

As a grounding stone, Hematite is packed full of healing properties. The stone helps to protect your aura from negativity and even stops toxic thoughts and emotions from developing.  With its link to the root chakra, hematite is a stabilizing stone that helps you feel clearer-minded in everyday life. 

The physical healing properties of hematite largely come from its rich iron content. It’s the perfect stone to use if you suffer from high blood pressure or menstruation pains, as well as any blood-related issues. It helps to promote your body’s circulation by detoxifying your body.

As a strengthening stone, hematite has several mental and emotional healing properties. Its connection to the root chakra means it can help to remove negative energy and boost your sense of courage and confidence. This stone is an ideal choice for those who are empaths in need of a stabilizing stone. If your self-confidence needs a boost, pick up a hematite stone.

Exploring the link between hematite and your root chakra can help you bring balance to your life, including with your ying and yang energy. It’s also able to balance your spiritual and physical self as a grounding stone. Hematite attracts negative energy away from your aura, taking it to your root chakra to be neutralized and balanced.

How to incorporate Hematite into your everyday life

If you feel like you could benefit from having hematite in your life, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

One of the best ways to help ground yourself and bring a sense of balance to your space is by incorporating the crystal into your home. Adding a hematite orgone pyramid to your office can boost your concentration and productivity while creating a safe space that is free of negative energy.

If you’re attracted to hematite’s mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, you’ll want to carry it with you throughout the day. A hematite tumble stone can help you incorporate its grounding properties into your daily meditations.

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with the vibrations and positive energy of hematite. If you want to use this stone to help ground you, place one stone in each hand while you meditate. Focus on connecting to your root chakra and grounding yourself to the earth to remove feelings of stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re struggling from anxiety, depression, or nervousness, hematite is a stone you want to be using in everyday life. Meditating with this stone can also help you connect to your higher self by drawing your inner strength.

One of our favorite ways to use hematite is by keeping it close to your person. Wearing a hematite bracelet will allow you to stay grounded and keep a clear mind during difficult situations. This crystal jewelry can help you bring a sense of balance to your chakras and to cleanse your spirit of feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

Cleansing your Hematite

Before you start using your hematite, you want to cleanse the crystal. This process is one you want to do regularly to remove any negative energy that has found its way onto the stone. When your hematite crystal is cleansed, it’s energized and at its highest vibration. 

One thing you want to look out for with hematite is that the crystal shouldn’t be placed in water. This process is the most popular way of cleansing crystals, but it can cause hematite to rust due to its iron oxide concentration. You want to skip the water and instead use a gentle brush to rub off any negative energy on your stone.

You can also use other crystals to energize your hematite by placing them on top of freshly cleansed crystals.

Are you looking to explore the healing properties and benefits of hematite? You can shop our hematite jewelry, tumble stones, and home décor items here.

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