Black Obsidian Crystal Benefits: Protection, Grounding, Transformation, Psychic Shield.

What Is Black Obsidian? Meaning, Properties And Uses Of This Black Gemstone

Everything You Need to Know About Black Obsidian – A Volcanic Protective Stone

If you’ve ever felt yourself pulled towards a volcano, the black obsidian stone is for you. It’s formed as volcanic glass from felsic lava with its distinctive black color and glassy texture. While there are several color variants of obsidian, the black stone is the most popular. This protective stone shields you against negative energy while helping to ground you.

At Ancient Infusions, black obsidian is one of the most popular protective stones that is known for its powerful vibrations and strength. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to start meditation to help ground themselves through stressful situations.

You can add this stone to your home with our Black Obsidian Crystal Carved Elephant or take it with you every day with our Black Obsidian Elastic Crystal Bracelet. Read on to find out everything you need to know about black obsidian, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

What is Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is known for its intense healing properties that can help you transform your life. This protective stone dates back thousands of years to the Mayans and can be found across the world – from the oceans of Greece to the mythical scenery of Iceland.

Throughout antiquity, black obsidian has been used for everyday items, weapons, and jewelry. For our ancestors, black obsidian was considered more valuable than gold. It was hailed for its protective properties and ability to help you connect with your root chakra. This stone works with you on a physical and spiritual level to leave you feeling more grounded.

It's often believed that keeping an obsidian stone with you can boost your overall health by working with your deep tissue muscles.

The black obsidian stone is largely linked to the Scorpio zodiac as it can help to protect their fierce and passionate personality. The stone is largely thought to have a mirror-like property, making it ideal for those who need to tap into their third eye and become more grounded.  Black obsidian is also an ideal stone for those born under Sagittarius as it works as a protective stone for their adventurous personality.

The benefits of Black Obsidian

If you’re searching for a protective stone, black obsidian is likely to tick all the boxes. This grounding stone is known for its protective properties and is ideal for those looking for guidance to find the truth in difficult situations.  

Due to its protective properties, black obsidian is an ideal stone for detoxifying your body and boosting your circulation. It’s also a helpful stone for those dealing with digestive issues, particularly related to the gall bladder.

Using black obsidian can also help you handle negative emotions and cleanse your aura of negative energy. As a protective stone, it covers your aura in a protective cloak to make you feel safe and balanced. By blocking negative energy, black obsidian can also make you feel more courageous in everyday life and encourage self-growth and development.

The black obsidian is a stone deeply connected to your root chakra. Meditating with a black obsidian can help you feel more grounded and stable. This stone can also help you channel into your third eye and channel your higher self by boosting your consciousness.

Another part of your consciousness that this stone works with is the solar plexus chakra. It’s your body’s third chakra and is connected to your feeling of self-worth and self-esteem. By blocking negative thoughts and emotions, black obsidian can help you achieve your higher self by boosting your confidence.

How to incorporate Black Obsidian into your everyday routine

As a protective stone, black obsidian is one that you might want to incorporate into your daily routine. Like any stone, you have options to consider.

The easiest way to use any crystal is by incorporating it into your daily affirmations or meditations. You can carry a black obsidian tumble stone with you throughout the day and hold it during your meditation. If you want to use black obsidian to help protect your aura, carry this tumble stone in your bag or pocket.

Another way to carry black obsidian with you is by wearing a black obsidian elastic crystal bracelet. It’s a great way to keep your vibrations high and to allow you to tap into your third eye. Wearing a healing stone like black obsidian close to your skin can help you take advantage of all its healing properties and energy.

As a grounding stone, black obsidian can also help cleanse your home of negative energy. The volcanic origin of black obsidian makes it ideal for protecting your home and for incorporating into shadow work. You want to place a black obsidian crystal carved elephant into high traffic areas of your home, such as your entryway or office. 

Cleansing your Black Obsidian

When you’re using black obsidian – or any crystal – you want to ensure that it’s been cleansed. When you use a crystal, it starts to attract and hold negative energy which can affect its vibrations. You want to cleanse your black obsidian before you use it for the first time and regularly when frequently using it.

Cleansing your black obsidian can also help to recharge it to allow you to connect to its healing properties. The easiest way to cleanse black obsidian is by placing it under running water or by submerging it. You want to give your stone at least a minute in the water before removing it.

Another way of cleansing your black obsidian is by returning it to the earth and placing it in the moonlight. This method helps to recharge its energy and is ideal for cleansing after regular use. You want to place your black obsidian outside in direct moonlight to help cleanse its energy. You can also smudge the black obsidian to remove any negative energy by using a potent herb, such as sage.

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