Red Carnelian Gemstone Crystal Tree

Red Carnelian Gemstone Crystal Tree

Red Carnelian Gemstone Crystal Tree

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Red Carnelian Gemstone Tree -This Tree is made with Natural Healing Gemstones and handmade in India.

Includes: 1 (one) Red Carnelian Gemstone Crystal Tree

Size is approximate

Small- 150 Crystals

Medium- 300 Crystals

Large- 500 Crystals

Carnelian is known to help one reach a deeper meditative state by keeping out interrupting thoughts. It helps one to stay grounded in reality by removing stressful thoughts and calming their anger, while keeping them aware of the love flowing through the universe. Carnelian enhances vitality and provides a boost to energy when worn or carried. It has been used for thousands of years by those making their journey to the afterlife to calm any fears about death, and to provide spiritual insight that allows for an acceptance of the circle of life.


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