Tiger's Eye Crystal Benefits: Courage, Protection, Clarity, Abundance.

What Is Tiger's Eye? Meaning, Properties And Uses Of This Reddish-Brown Gemstone

Everything You Need to Know About Tiger’s Eye – The Protective Stone for Strength

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most distinctive crystals with its stripes and reddish-brown coloring. This crystal is also known as the ‘shapeshifter’ due to its unique opaque transparency and its earthy color scheme. As a protective stone, Tiger’s Eye is worn to keep away negativity and promote inner strength. Tiger’s Eye is a force of good against evil in the world.

You don’t want to overlook the healing powers of Tiger’s Eye. It’s one crystal that we recommend everyone has in their collection. This crystal is found everywhere from Western Australia to South Africa. Its use dates to the ancient Egyptians who were captivated by its iridescent rings.

At Ancient Infusions, Tiger’s Eye is one of our best-selling crystals for those looking to explore spiritual healing. You can add this stone to your home with our Tiger’s Eye Orgone Pyramid or take it with you every day with our Tiger’s Eye Crystal Butterfly Pendant.  Read on to find out everything you need to know about Tiger’s Eye, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

What is Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone linked to inner strength and self-confidence. It’s been worn for thousands of years as a protective amulet, allowing you to channel the courage of the jungle’s most fearsome creature. Roman soldiers typically carried Tiger’s Eye on their breastplates for strength when going into battle.

In the 16th century, Tiger’s Eye was considered more valuable than gold. The name ‘Tiger’s Eye’ isn’t just a reference to the crystal’s distinctive appearance. It also shares the same personality as the queen of the jungle – courageous, confident, and strong. The Tiger’s Eye is a reminder to trust your gut and not to be afraid to step into the spotlight by drawing on your own strength.

Tiger’s Eye is the birthstone for those born under Gemini and is also considered beneficial for Leos and Capricorns. These people are naturally creative and can utilize Tiger’s Eye to improve their decision-making and to remove mental blocks and negative energy. Air signs benefit from using Tiger’s Eye as it helps to ground them.

The benefits of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has a long list of benefits and healing properties that can help your emotional and physical wellness. It acts as a reminder to draw on your inner strength and to stop your self-sabotage.

The physical benefits of Tiger’s Eye include its ability to improve seasonal affective disorder, including helping to reduce feelings of lethargy or sluggishness. Its higher energy balances your endocrine system and can boost your mood by speeding up your metabolism. This crystal is linked to the sacral and root chakra, helping to cleanse your root chakra while enhancing your psychic abilities. 

As a healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye’s emotional benefits include helping to build your self-worth and confidence by cleansing negative energy. Wearing a Tiger’s Eye can help you feel more connected to your core and grounded, even during moments of stress and high energy.

Tiger’s Eye can also help you form stronger and more positive relationships by improving your self-worth. It can help prevent self-sabotage in personal relationships and everyday behavior, such as money management.

The spiritual benefits of Tiger’s Eye include cleansing your root chakra and enhancing your psychic abilities for greater self-connection. This crystal can bring a sense of harmony to your life and make you feel more comfortable and confident.  You can use Tiger’s Eye to enhance your third eye to create a deeper connection to amplify your physic abilities.

How to incorporate Tiger’s Eye into your everyday life

Incorporating Tiger’s Eye into your daily routine can help you become more active and focused. It helps to create a positive foundation to direct energy in a way that makes you feel more confident and self-assured. The healing properties of Tiger’s Eye help to cleanse negative energy and allow you to become more productive.

The easiest way to incorporate Tiger’s Eye in your daily life is by wearing the crystal. We recommend our Tiger’s Eye Elastic Crystal Bracelet or Crystal Butterfly Pendant to keep the crystal with you on the go for its protective properties. Wearing it on a bracelet can help connect you to your root chakras to bring harmony to your life, while a Tiger’s Eye necklace can help encourage more mindful meditation.

If you want to bring a sense of balance to your life, try placing Tiger’s Eye throughout your home or workspace.  We love to use this crystal to bring a sense of feng shui to the space. It’s one of the best crystals to use in your office to help remove negative energy, boost your productivity, and create a positive space where you feel grounded.

You can add our Tiger’s Eye Crystal Carved Elephant or Triple Protection Orgone Pyramid to your space.

As Tiger’s Eye is traditionally used as a protective amulet, you want to wear it close to your person or place it in the entryway of your home, whether it’s at a door or window. This crystal is a popular choice to add to children’s bedrooms or nurseries due to the protectiveness of a lioness towards her cub.

Cleansing your Tiger’s Eye crystals

Before you start using your Tiger’s Eye crystals, you want to cleanse them. As this stone is often used to remove negative energies, you want to regularly cleanse it to amplify its physical properties. 

One of the quickest ways to cleanse Tiger’s Eye – or any crystal – is by using water. You want to immerse your crystal into the water for at least a minute.

If you regularly use your Tiger’s Eye, you want to follow a deeper cleansing routine by connecting your crystal with Mother Earth. You want to leave your crystal out overnight, either under a tree or directly in the moonlight to naturally cleanse it. The moon is one of the best ways to cleanse any crystal.

Are you looking to explore the healing properties and benefits of Tiger’s Eye? You can shop our Tiger’s Eye jewelry, tumble stones, and home décor items here.

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