Green Jade Crystal Benefits: Prosperity, Harmony, Healing, Abundance.

What Is Green Jade? Meaning, Properties And Uses Of This Green Gemstone

Everything You Need to Know About Green Jade –  The Serenity Stone

Find your inner serenity with green jade. As a symbol of purity and serenity, this stone helps you embrace the idea of self-love through peace, balance, and tranquility. Green jade is a protective stone that works to bring harmony to your day. Its green color makes it a token of good luck as a spiritual stone that everyone should have.

At Ancient Infusions, green jade is one of our go-to stones. This crystal will help you become your higher self by embracing who you are. It’s one of the most versatile gemstones that you’ll find in our collection. Green jade is one stone we could all benefit from using.

You can add this stone to your home with our Green Jade Crystal Carved Dragon or take it with you every day with our Green Jade Elephant Necklace. Read on to find out everything you need to know about green jade, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

What is Green Jade?

While jade is available in a rainbow of colors, its most popular shade is green. What makes green jade special is that the stone is believed to date over 570 million years.

Within Chinse culture, green jade is believed to symbolize humanity’s five virtues – compassion, wisdom, courage, justice, and modesty. The stone is often gifted as a sign of friendship and good luck, bringing the wearer harmony and peace in their life.

During Ancient Egypt, green jade was seen as a talisman and often worn by nobility to bring good fortune to their lives. In Mexico, the Aztecs would use green jade primarily for its physical healing properties.

Green jade is associated with several zodiac signs, including Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Taurus. It’s also linked to the heart chakra and is a grounding stone that will reconnect you with the earth. Green jade is a serenity stone that is associated with purity and tranquility.

If you’re a creative person, green jade may be the stone for you. It helps to stimulate ideas and promote creativity as a dream stone. Incorporating green jade into your routine can help you follow your dreams and adopt a positive outlook on life.

The benefits of Green Jade

As a healing stone, green jade helps release negative emotions, including ones causing you to feel irritable. The calming energy of green jade is a powerful way to relieve anxiety and create a sense of peace in your day.

Green Jade is a stone that can support your metabolism and nervous system to improve your overall health. It works to detox your body of negative energies and toxins to bring harmony to your body.

Due to its physical healing properties, green jade is often prescribed to help heal kidney and gland-related issues. This stone can help promote cellular turnover and heal wounds, including stitches. Throughout history, it’s been associated with women’s health, particularly with helping during childbirth and with overall fertility.

As a versatile stone, green jade is a crystal we could all benefit from using. The positive energies associated with green jade can help change your outlook on life. Wearing green jade is a protective stone that will keep negative thoughts and energies away from you, cleansing your body and spirit.

If you’re a fan of manifesting, green jade is one stone you’ll want to incorporate into your routine. As a dream stone, it will help you visualize your manifestations and achieve them in record time. By bringing tranquility and serenity to your life, green jade helps to make your manifestations possible.

Green jade is a stone that can bring wealth and positive relationships to your life. In the chaos of the modern world, green jade is a stone that will help you find your true self and fulfill your potential.

How to incorporate Green Jade into your everyday life

Whether you’re in the midst of a storm or need extra support, green jade is a stone you want to incorporate into your everyday life. One of our favorite ways to wear green jade is with a pendant that holds the stone close to your heart. It will power your manifestations and act as a protective stone.

If you’re not a fan of jewelry, carry a piece of green jade in your pocket to keep it close to you to benefit from its spiritual and physical healing properties. Holding a green jade stone will help positively recharge your energies and bring a sense of peace during times of struggle.

You want to carry green jade when you’re exploring the outdoors. As a grounding stone, green jade is the perfect way to help you reconnect to the earth.

Green jade is one of the most versatile crystals and one that you can mix and match with others in your collection. Moonstone is a popular choice, while rose quartz and tourmaline can help you bring compassion into your life when used with green jade.

Cleansing your Green Jade

Before you can start using green jade – or any crystal – it needs to be correctly cleansed. While your green jade is on its way to you, it can gather negative energies that can disrupt the vibrations of the stone. Regularly cleansing your green jade will ensure you are using it at its highest vibration.

Green jade is one stone that you should be cleansing primarily with water. Immerse it fully into the water to clean the stone physically and spiritually. You can cleanse your green jade between every use.

For the best results, you should leave your stone fully immersed in water for up to three hours. You can pat dry your green jade before putting it away.

Another way you can cleanse your green jade is by reconnecting it to the earth using moonlight. You can place your green jade on a windowsill or leave it outside to allow the moonlight to purify the stone.

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