Natural Fragrance Oils

About This Item:

✔ Contains: 1 x 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 fl. oz. premium fragrance oil.

✔ Our Natural Fragrance oils can be used in soaps, cosmetics, and lotions, or even diffused in the air.

✔ Natural Ingredients made for everyone's Skin: Our premium body oil penetrates skin and produces a strong perfume smell for your body.

✔ 100% Premium Fragrance Oil: Ancient Infusions' premium fragrance oils are 100% pure and uncut to retain all of its potency for you – it is not made with any DPG chemical. 

✔ Responsibly Made in the USA. Ancient Infusions is responsibly sourced from small family and large corporations for top quality and pure uncut oils.

Natural Fragrance oils are also known as perfume oils or aromatic oils.

They’re mostly synthetic. But, that too is not universally true. Sometimes they’re a blend of synthetic smells and natural essential oils.

Yet, one thing is common for all Natural fragrance oils – they’re mostly used for scent.

100% Organic