What Does Protection Mean On Spiritual Jewelry?

All jewelry is imbued with meaning.  Whether the meaning comes from a memory associated with the item, or whether the item is given the weight of meaning by social custom, jewelry is a visible signal about ourselves and our lives that is plain for all to see.

In modern terms, jewelry can be used to indicate status, such as a wedding ring, or it can indicate personal style and ideals.

A more traditional and historical reason for wearing jewelry was for protection. One of the earliest uses of jewelry was for the protection of the body or spirit.  These early jewelry items were meant to be used as talismans to ward off ill effects, disease or even evil spirits.

They were given to those leaving on long journeys or sometimes to women who were pregnant or to children who were ill.  Jewels and materials from the Earth have long been associated with protective qualities and healing capacities that exceed the ability of human hands and human knowledge.

Even today, some cultures, religions or family traditions necessitate the gifting of protection jewelry for ceremonious purposes or for the health and well-being of family members.

Types of Protection Jewelry

There are various types of protection jewelry.  If you are looking into the right type for your needs, this is a handy list of the choices available to you.  The categories we have chosen encompass some of the more mainstream options available but there are many layers of protection available if you do some searching. 

Many jewelry items for sale can be purchased to cover lots of different protective bases.  If you know what type of protection you are searching for, you can often find exactly the right piece of protection jewelry that will seem like it was made just for you

1. Evil Eye Protection Jewelry:

Evil eye protection jewelry is often best worn on a necklace or a ring but can also be incorporated into a bracelet. Many talismans show only the evil eye itself but some have the evil eye superimposed on the Hamsa hand-shaped talisman for a double whammy of protection. This is one of the oldest and most well-known types of protection jewelry and is thought to protect the wearer from danger and strife.

2. Hand of Fatima Protection:

This highly traditional protection pendant is a perfect example of the Hamsa hand with the evil eye set into the hand. This is the original version of the protection talisman that has been “shortened” in modern styles to just the evil eye. This symbol has its own deeper spiritual meanings, some related to religion and may not fit the protection needs of everyone looking for protection jewelry.

3. Spiritual Protection Jewelry: 

Spiritual Protection Jewelry is often made to be focused on the unique and particular energy needs of each person. The example bracelet is made to protect the wearer from the intrusion of negative psychic energy from other people or even from the outside world in the form of illness.

Most spiritual protection jewelry uses naturally occurring gems and semi-precious stones to ward off threats to the well-being of the wearer. In some cases, the jewelry item might also be made of wood or other natural elements that are thought to bring with them protection qualities or helpful energies for healing and well-being.

4. Energy Protection Jewelry

Sometimes protection jewelry is made only with the intent to protect the energy of the wearer. Many of these types of jewelry will be made to protect and care for the wearer’s energy, chakras and aura. These jewelry items will be made of gemstones, metals or even semi-precious stones.  They are often very beautiful in addition to providing health and wellness benefits when they are worn.  The example bracelet is made to repel negative energy so that the person wearing it will not be affected by the negative auras of others.

Energy protection jewelry often also protects the chakras so that they do not take on the negative energy brought by external forces. Yoga practitioners and religious teachers often focus on this type of spiritual work through their teachings and they report that energy protection jewelry helps to center and focus the spirit and mind on the right values and beliefs for a successful and healthy life.

5. Religious Protection Jewelry: 

Some protection jewelry is made to focus on religion and for personal gratitude to ward against certain negative influences a person might experience in their day to day life.

Many religious talismans are thought to bring with them the attention and care of the spirit world while also reminding the wearer to stay true to the teachings of their faith.  This is a very traditional reason to wear protection jewelry and these jewelry items are often given in ceremonies or to commemorate important turning points in a person’s life such as coming of age.

6. Grounding Jewelry: 

Grounding is a spiritual practice intended to reconnect us to the healing properties and energy that come from the earth itself. While walking barefoot and meditating in nature are major components of the grounding practice, there are jewelry items that can be purchased that are believed to help the wearer to connect with the Earth more closely.

These jewelry items are typically bracelets and are often made from semi-precious gems or naturally occurring materials to help the wearer to connect with the Earth more closely.  They are simple, beautiful and help with mindfulness practice as well.

7. Crystal Jewelry: 

Crystals have long been touted as a means by which to seek spiritual enlightenment, to create safety and security in your home and to help with energy work. There are many different types of crystals and they all impart different benefits.  Jewelry made from crystals can be used to repel negative energy, to bring in light and healing, or to care for a person’s mental health.  An added bonus to crystal jewelry is that it is beautiful, often delicate and feels light and airy when worn.

8. The Dreamcatcher: 

The beautiful dreamcatcher is not just a gorgeous decorative item but also seen as a protective talisman. It’s believed to catch bad dreams and nightmares from reaching the person sleeping, allowing only good vibes and dreams to reach them. Wearing dreamcatcher jewelry is a way to invoke the protective associations of the symbol.

Do I Need to Buy Protection Jewelry?

The wearing of protection jewelry is a very personal choice. If you are motivated by spiritual or religious reasons, wearing a talisman of your faith or practice can provide healing, mental strength and mindfulness in times of stress or difficulty in your life.

If you are more casual in your interest but find these jewelry items to be beautiful and unique, protection jewelry is also for you.  You do not need to directly have faith in the teachings of the practices surrounding these jewelry items to appreciate them for their beauty.

Perhaps the most important factor in the choice to wear protection jewelry or not is this: if the item makes you feel strong, empowered and protected, then it is the right choice to wear it.

There is no harm in trusting in the protection qualities of a protection jewelry item even if you are not 100% certain of the methods and practices behind it.

Wearing protection jewelry is also a means to connect with the past in a meaningful way.

The modern world is growing more and more devoid of spiritual thought, practice and belief. For centuries, humans have given, received and purchased talismans that made them feel strong, safe and loved.

Modern protection jewelry is no less powerful than the jewelry made thousands of years ago when culture and society was more intimately connected with such beliefs.  If you are seeking some peace of mind in a world that is often fraught with turmoil and stress, protection jewelry can be the perfect accessory to comfort and center you in your daily life.